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Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture & buildings which deals with directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. It aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere in a structure by the interaction of various forms of best effect on a living person in which we can bring the best in ourselves, thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. Like any other science, vaastu is universal, rational, practical and utilitarian. It is not a religion but a science.


Vaastu shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vaastu sastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong. Our ascendants have searched and found the secrets of using all the five elements of the universe and their characteristic influence such as the magnetic field, gravitational effect, etc. of Earth, the Galaxy in the sky, the directions & velocity of the wind, light and heat of the SUN including the UV rays, etc. They evolved these scientific methods and systems, and confined them over the years as "VAASTU SHASTRA" . our ascendants have searched it and we are only researching it and developing their concepts. Man is the basic cause for architecture. He perceives and conceives architecture in relation to his experience of himself with the surrounding world. Through his art of designing he alters and moulds the elements of natural environment.


The five elements:


Out of the nine planets, our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements. The world comprises of five basic elements, also known as the Paanchbhootas. They are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Earth and Water have limited and localised availability for the human habitat and growth. They form apparent and fundamental choice makers in location and the physical form of architecture and habitat. Sun, air and space are universally available and can be moulded to human needs by the act of



Our ascendants were great scientists and they understood the effect of the natural forces on the lives of human beings. They are:


Earth(Bhumi) : Magnetic field of the earth. The third planet in order from the sun, is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. Its magnetic field and gravitational force has considerable effects in everything on the Earth. The selection of site is considered very important in vaastu. A detailed inspection of soil, size, shape and site has to be done before commencing the



Water(Jalam) : Gravitational attraction of the Earth, It takes many forms. It forms part of every plant and animal even our blood is mostly water. Water is an element element of north-east


Fire : Solar radiation. Represents light and heat which account for day, night, the seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion and vigour. Fire is considered as an element of south-east.


Air (Vaiyu) : Wind energy. As a very important &powerful life supporting element. Human physical comfort values are directly and sensitively dependent on correct humidity, air flow, temperature of air, air pressure, air composition and its content.


Space : Cosmic radiation. It provides shelter to all the above elements. It is the primary conductor of all energy sources within the universal context – physical energies such as sound and light, social energies such as psychological and emotional, and cognitive energies such as intellect and intuition. Indian houses used to have open space in the centre of the house, which in turn is called brahmastanam which is to be an open place.




The importance of planning a building and it's space utilities is not only for saving energy but also to have a better healthy design, which not only gives comfortable living but also gives good health, prosperity and wealth to the owners/occupiers and their families. There lies a co-relation between the rotational scenario of the planets and the house design and their different directions with respect of NORTH. The building of any type and its construction meets the purpose if proper orientation has been given using suitable local building material. It increases the building's life span but also improves the condition of occupants. The proper orientation means the proper knowledge of all the eight directions. It is a common knowledge that the direction from frim where the Sun arises is known as East (Poorva) and where it sets as West (Paschim) and when one faces the East direction, towards one's left is North (Uttara) and towards one's right is South (Dakshina). The corner where two directions meet obviously is more significant since it combines the forces emanating from both the directions. According to Shastras if we worship and respect the Lords of these eight directions, they will shower on us their blessings and benefits. Let us examine their importance according to scriptures.



Things to Come


North east - North side -  Easaniyam – Utcham

Entrance Gate, Main Door, Portico, Drawing room, Living, Veranda, under ground Rooms(Cellar), Pooja Room, Tube Bore well, Well, Under ground Sump, Tulasi Madam, Childrens bed room


North east-East Side - Easaniyam – Utcham

Entrance Gate, Main Door Portico, Drawing room, Living, Veranda, under ground Rooms(Cellar), , Pooja Room, Tube Bore well, Well, Under ground Sump, Tulasi Madam, Childrens bed room


South East- East side - Agneyam – Neecham

Kitchen , Dinning Area, Store, Gopper Gas, Septic tank, , Boiler,Toilet, Bathroom, small Plants


South East- South side - Agneyam – Neecham

Kitchen, Entrance, Gate, Drawing , Living Room, Office Room, Toilet, Portico, Small plants, Dining, Store,


South West – South Side Nairuthi - Neecham

Steps, Bed Rooms, Big Tree & plants, Store Room, Office Room, Warehouses & Godowns, Over Head Tank (OHT),


South West – West Side - Nairuthi - Utcham

Steps, Bed Rooms, Big Tree & plants, Store Room, Office Room, Warehouses & Godowns, Over Head Tank (OHT),


North West-West Side -Vayaviyam - Utcham

Entrance Gate, Main Door, Portico, Drawing room, Living, Veranda, Steps, Bed Rooms, Kitchen, cow shed


NorthWest - North Side -  Vayaviyam - Neecham

Drawing room, Living, Veranda, Steps, Children’s Bed Rooms, Kitchen, cow shed, Gopper Gas Septic Tank, small plants, Bed Rooms ,Dinning Room


West side Centre place - Brahmastanam

Specially preffered for pooja room, library, study room

Some Suggections:

The suggestions are generally with respect to the nature of work, but before, it is very important to examine the unit with respect to the construction, arrangements and Now, the arrangements are re-organised keeping in mind the directions and corners as per the Vastu arrangements.



Kitchen should not be made near or opposite the bathroom or toilet 
Kitchen should not be opposite to the main entrance 
Kitchen should not be below the staircase. 
Raw food like wheat, ghee etc should be stored in the east 
Kitchen should be made in southeast corner. Alternatively, it could be in the Northwest side 
Cooking appliances are to be kept in southeast corner in the kitchen 
Loft or boxes can be made in any side of the kitchen 
Heavy weight utensils should be kept against the south wall and west wall
While preparing food the person should face east 
Refrigerator could be kept in south east, west or South side,
Dining room can be made in west side of the kitchen 
The electric appliances should be fixed at southeast corner 
Fire equipments should be fixed in the southeast corner 



Use southwest corner room for the elder members 
Always sleep with your head in the east or south side 
While sleeping, your legs should not face the main gate 
Avoid having direct light falling on your eyes while sleeping 
Door should be of a single wood 
It would be benefical for students to sleep in the west side 
There should be no beam in the bedroom 
Beds should be kept away from the walls 
Always keep the lockers in South west corner facing north
Build Almirah’s and wardrobes in the west or in south. 


Dining room should be located in south, west, and east 
Always use pink or orange or cream colors in the dining room 
If your dining room is in any other direction then you should have food in the west side of the room 
Dining room can be made in west side of the kitchen 


Northwest rooms are ideal for guests. 


The width of the door should be half of the height of the door
No big stone, pillar or waste box should be in front of any door 
Main door should never open in front of another house door 
Kitchen should not be built opposite the main entrance 
Main door’s width should always be bigger than other doors of the house

The Wealth should be in the North direction.

Lets design a home, a place worth living as it plays an important role in making our Dreams come true.
Wish you all the Happy Living...
Thank you all.